Saturday 7/12/14

With a continuous running clock, perform the following:
0:00 – 1000m Row
5:00 – 50 Burpees
10:00 – 30 Strict Pull-Ups
15:00 – 50 Wall Ball Shots
20:00 – 30 Box Jump Overs
25:00 – 800 Meter Run or 5 min in place metronome drill if you are just learning form.
*If you can’t get it done in the time allowed, make note in your workout log how many reps you did complete for each station.

For time
Row 1k 80% effort
rest 1min
85% effort
Run 400m
30 wall balls 30/20#; 10/9′ target
30 DB walk lunges 55/30#/hand
30 box jumps sd 24/20″
30 T2B
60 DU
rest 3mins
Row 1k same time as above

– pace the first row and go for same time on last row
– grinder pace on workout – time this
– record total time
– compare to April 15th


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