Wednesday 7/9/14

A1. ring rows moderate position @1010; 4-6×4; rest 1 min
A2. Goblet Squat or Front squat @31X1; 1-2×4; rest 90 sec
B1. Pendlay row @21X1; 3-4×3; rest 30 sec
B2. DB Bench Press @30X1; 4-6×3; rest 60 sec
C. 100m walking lunge for form
D. 5min EMOM- 30 sec hollow holds

A. close grip bench press build to a max
B1. close grip bench press @30X1; 5×3; rest 90sec
B2. pendlay row @20X1; 5×3; rest 90sec
C. 3 wall walks + 10 chin ups on the 2min for 5-6sets
Row 500m TT

– take your time to build to an absolute max
– pick something heavy and stick to it for b1/b2
– focus on breathing and recovery for C
– all out on the 500m TT


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