Tuesday 6/3/14

A. DB rear foot elevated split squat @3010 8RM
– DB RFESS is with rear foot elevated about the height of your kneecap so that your lunging knee lightly touches the ground each rep
B. Side bridge max hold each side
1 min AD for max cals
rest 3 min
1 min AD for max cals
– rowing for cals is an acceptable sub

A. emom – 18 min
odd – deadlift TnG 50-60% of 1rm x 3
even – Row 12cals
– waveload DL start at 50% add 5-10# next set add 5-10# then back to 50% start weight continue through emom
B. emom – 16 min
odd – HPC TnG x 3 65% of 1rm
even – AD 50sec 90% aero pace
– make sure AD speed is sustainable try to maintain same RPM each set
C. emom – 14 min
odd – Snatch pull x 1/HPS x 2 TnG
even – 3-5 box jump sd 36/30#
– use a weight for the last emom that you can keep perfect form


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