Monday 6/2/14

A1. Wtd dip – build to a max
– wtd dip – deep below parallel
A2. Wtd pull up – build to a max
– pull up is strict, no swinging from bottom, no hip kip near the top, throat to bar
B. Sorensen max hold
– Sorensen hold is the position on the GHD machine, prone, parallel with ground, chin tucked, hands to temples
For time:
kb swings 1.5pd/1pd
– record the scores from this week in anticipation of retests later

A. back squat @40X1; 4-5×3; rest 3mins
B. emom – 12mins
odd – 7 CTB chin ups
even – 10 burpees
3 sets 80-90% effort:
Row 400m
20 wall balls 20/14# 10/9′ target
20 HR pushups
20 situps
60 DU
rest 5mins
– all sets same pace
– change the order of movements every set


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