Wednesday 5/14/14


On the minute, every minute, for 20 minutes, complete the following:
Power Clean x 2 reps (can sub heavy KBS)
Burpees x 3 reps As Quickly As Possible
Score total weight (in lbs.) successfully lifted in the power clean over the course of the 20 minutes.

A. split jerk from blocks build to a tough single in 10mins
B. push press x 1/SJ x 2; rest 90sec build per set x 6
C. emom – 10 burpees – 7mins
4sets tough effort
5 clean and jerk TnG fast tough good form
7 no push up burpee box jump 20″ AFAP
AD 18sec all out
rest 4-6mins

– warm up to 40% of 1rm before starting clock
– pp focus on hips keep weight that is perfect if form goes lower weight
– burpees at moderate pace each min focus on breathing
– 4 sets is all out record rest times


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