Tuesday 5/13/14

12 min @80%
3 wall walks
50m Farmer’s Walk heavy
3-5 tire flips
4 sets:
40 sec AD very hard
rest 2:30-5 min

– grinder
– sub 4x ball slams for tire flips

A. snatch grip deadlift build to a tough concentric only in 8mins
B. emom – until max on PS
odd – HPS x 1 start at 60% of 1rm add 10# every other min until max
even – 8 burpees AFAP
for time
Run 400m
10 TGU 1.5/1.25pd
10 burpee MU
10 box jump on and over 36/30″
10 thrusters 155/105#

– drop bar from hip each time
– focus on HPS form while HR is elevated from burpees
– 80-90% effort pacing on the workout “Grind” through


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