Tuesday 3/4/14

A. 2K row or 10min light cardio (burpees, box steps, etc)
B. 2R, not for time
10 spiderman lunges
10 box squats
10 PVC shoulder dislocates
10 hanging knee raises
10 GHD hip extensions
C. 4 sets:
750m row
10 db man-makers light
20 box jump step-downs
rest 4 min- mobilize anything restrictive during this rest
– goal is same time per set
D. 5min mobility work of choice (foam roll, barbell mash, stretch)

AD 30 sec @85%
AD slow spin
x 14

A. push press TnG 2-3 x 3; rest as needed
B. emom – 10mins
odd – 10 CTB pull ups
even – 10 push jerk TnG 95/65# (43/30kg)
10min amrap
2 TGU/arm heavy
Row 250m
8 KBS russian heavy
– build per set on PP
– focus on breathing in emom
– smooth pace on 10min work perfect form on TGU


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