FRIDAY 2/28/14


A. 2k row
B. 2R, not for time
10 wall sit stick-ups
10 PVC shoulder dislocates
10 Arm Swings
10 push ups
C. CGBP @20X1; 7,5,3; rest 2 min
D. 5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5
ub kb swing ladder for time
E. 5 min foam roll

Row 500m @85%
rest walk 4 min
x 4-5
Open 14.1 prep – come in get warmed up, feel it out, shut it down

A. FS @30X1; 2, 2, 2; rest as needed
B. emom – PS not TnG x 2- 5mins 65-70% of 1rm
C. 10-15min open 14.1 prep movements
AD 1min tough rest 1min x 4
Row 1min 97% effort
10mins Z1

– build per set on FS
– drop PS from top each rep
– AD is same pace each time 90% aerobic row is good if no AD
– go after the 1min row
– Z1 is your choice


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