Friday 2/21/14

Saturday WOD at 2pm, Food at 3pm!

Open Prep Teaser from OptimumPerformanceTraining on Vimeo.

This year James and the OPT team are letting folks in on our tips and strategies to maximize your performance in the 2014 CrossFit® Open! We’ve successfully prepared athletes for this event since the beginning and now you’ll have access to that knowledge in this exclusive web series. What’s included:

Video and written analysis of each workout available Friday mornings at 10:30AM MST. We analyze the workout released Thursday evening and breakdown the critical elements and where we’ve seen this type of workout before.
Strategy for numerous types of athletes – are you an athlete that excels in strength workouts? Grinders? Endurance? We have an approach for you!
How to best warm-up and fuel for the workout
Should you repeat the workout?
Don’t miss this opportunity to get advice from our team of experts – sign up here to ensure you’re doing what it takes to get the best score possible. Good Luck!

A. 2k row not for time
B. 2R not for time
10 wall sit stick-ups
10 pvc shoulder dislocates
10 close grip hanging knee raises
C1. RDL @3211; 5-8×4; rest 90 sec
C2. db push press 4,4,4,4; rest 90 sec
D1. db torso row @31X0; 6-8×4; rest 30 sec btw arms; rest 90 sec
D2. db press @3111; 6-8×4; rest 90 sec
E. 5min Foam Roll
F. Static Stretch
– torso row involves rotation of the torso, keeping elbow high and in and wrist straight
– focus on keeping control all the way to the bottom on the TGU, holding for a second in the bottom with arm straight

AD 60 sec @85%
Slow spin 60 sec @50%
x 16

A. PC + Jerk 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1; rest 2-3mins
B. emom – PS not TnG x 2- 5mins 65-70% of 1rm
C. emom – 8-10mins
odd – 7-10 CTB pull ups
even – 10 box jumps sd 24/20″
Row 1min tough rest 1min all rows same pace
Row 1min 97% effort
10mins Z1

– build per set of PC + Jerk perfect form
– drop PS from top each rep
– rows at 90% aerobic pace
– go after the 1min row
– Z1 is your choice


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