Saturday 2/15/14

A. 2k Row
B. 2R, not for time
10 box squats
10 push-ups
10 wall sit stickups
10 box jumps
10 spiderman lunge
C. 4 sets:
10 front squats
run 200m tough
rest 90 sec
D. 4 sets:
10 db step-ups
row 300m tough
rest 90 sec
– try to hit all the same time for each set of rowing and running
E. 5min AD or walk
F. Static Stretching 5min

A. Clean – build to a heavy Tng double in 12 min
B. 3 amrap sets – Chin up; rest 4-5 min
2 sets for time @120%:
Row 250m
15 KBS (1pd)
20 burpees
15 KBS
Row 250m
rest walk 15-20 min

10min cap
Unbroken DU (stop rope after each set) for time
rest 20mins, then…
For time, start with burpees
*every min complete 4 burpees
*loading: 95/65# (43/30kg)
20 PC
20 thrusters
20 PS
20 push press
20 OHS
– must be unbroken to move on
– prep all movements before DU
– start workout with 4 burpees
– record times
– notice how you felt coming into today?


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