Friday 1/17/14

A. Good morning @2022; 6-9×4; rest 2 min
4 sets:
row 500m (can sub 400m Run)
15 wall balls
10 hr pushups
20 box jump step-downs
rest 5 min

– goal is same times per round

A. build to a tough single SJ from rack
B. emom – FS @20X1 x 2-3 65-70% of 1rm – 8mins focus on speed
C. OHS @30X1; 3, 3, 3; rest 3mins
D. wtd dip build to a tough double
– go for something if feeling it
– FS is speed focus tempo is a must if to slow lower weight

A. Push press; 2,2,2,2; rest 2-3 min
B. 6 sets – every 75 sec – SJ x 1 (90%+)
C. Emom 8 min – MU x 3-4
Rest as needed, then…
Row 500m @90%
Rest walk 3:00 min
x 9
– each row get incrementally faster, start @ 75% effort, last row 100%.


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