Friday 1/10/14

Preparing Athletes for the Opens 1-8-14 (Audio Only)
from OptimumPerformanceTraining PRO 1 day ago NOT YET RATED
It’s crunch time. The dates are set and with less than 8 weeks before the first workout James discusses key training considerations for the weeks leading up to and during the 5-week sustained schedule of the 2014 CrossFit Open. What should the volume and intensity of training look like? When do you implement testers? How do you adjust the training for a fast vs. slow adapting athlete? Should the athlete repeat a workout? If Regionals are a realistic expectation how do you get the athlete through the Open without over-training?

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
15 GHD Sit-ups
21 Deadlifts at 135lbs

A. Push press x 1/PJ x 1/SJ x 2; rest 2mins x 5
B. emom – 12mins
odd – incline DB bench press x 4-5 @22X1
even – CTB pull up x 7-10
C. 50 HSPU for time
– pick weight that complex is perfect form small builds per set
– incline db bench press focus on tempo
– CTB unbroken sets is goal
– record time for HSPU – kipping ok – record broken sets

A. Emom 15 min – SJ x 1 (build)
B. 6 sets – every 75 sec – Tng PS x 3 (mod, mechanics focus)
C1. 3 sets – Amrap 1 min – TTB; rest 90 sec
C2. Amrap 1 min – HSPU; rest 90 sec
Rest as needed, then…
D. Row 500m @90%
Rest walk 3:00 min
x 8
– Increase pace from previous week
– rowing set terminated if time exceeds 2 sec from initial pace

A. D-ROM + 5 min AD @Z1
B. @80%:
200m run
200m row
30m crawl
30 sec FLR
3 burpee box jump
3 strict chin ups
rest walk 120 sec
x 8
C. walk 1 mile cool down
A. Emom 20 min – C&J x 1 (build to a heavy)
B. Pendlay row @1112; 7-9 x 3; rest 2 min
C. 14 min amrap:
2k row
50 thruster (95#)
Amrap MU in remaining time


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