Friday 1/3/14

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
15 DB Cleans 55lbs
25 Jump rope “Double Unders”
20 Push-ups

A. clean and jerk build to a moderate double in 10mins
B. clean and jerk 80% of 1rm – emom x 1-2 – 10mins
C. heaving snatch balance build to a tough double perfect form 10mins
D. 30 TGU 1.5/1pd alt hands per rep
– does not have to be a 1rm
– focus on making adjustments on clean and jerk at 80% (record adjustments you noticed)
– work on speed under bar for HSNBAL not a 2rm
– perfect reps on TGU

A. 8 sets – every 90 sec – PJ + SJ (build to a heavy)
B. PS – build to a tough double in 12 min
C. Emom 14 min –
Odd – 30 sec amrap HSPU
Even – L sit on rings x 20-30 sec
D. Row 500m @90%
Rest walk 2:30 min
x 8
– rowing set terminated if time exceeds 2 sec from initial pace

AD 55 min @Z1
A. 8 sets – every 45 sec – HC + Clean (build, not Tng)
B. Emom 10 min – Tng PS x 2 (start @70%, inc small per set)
C. 10 min @ 80% constant movement:
Row 200m
5 DB thruster (80#)
5 DB front squat (80#)
30 DUs
rest 5 min, then..
D. 10 min @80%:
AD for cals


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