Friday 12/6/13

A. Good morning @2022; 7-10×3; rest 2 min
B. 10 sets for times:
6 db push press
2 strict pull ups
20 sec side bridge L/R
rest 45 sec

– moderate to tough on the db push press
– if no strict pull ups, then jump to the top and control down

A. Segment snatch pause 2sec at mid thigh then snatch; build this to a max in 12mins
B. build to a tough single snatch balance in 10mins
C. emom – PS TnG x 4-5 60-65% of 1rm – 6mins
15, 12, 9 for time
OHS 115/75#

A. – focus on keeping bar back and lats activated in the pause
B. – not riding it down
C. – focus on breathing and staying calm a fluid with the TnG work
– record time

Row 500m @90%
Rest walk 3 min
x 12

– Row accel warm up
– Consistent times throughout, set terminated if row is +2/-2 sec from pace

A. Snatch- 80%x1x3
B. Snatch Pull off 3″ riser– 95%x3x3
C. Snatch Push Press- 89%x3x3
D. Back Squat- 87%x2x4


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