Tuesday 12/3/13

Five rounds for time of:
50 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
Run 400 meters

A. build to a 5rm TnG Hang snatch in 10mins
B. PC cluster 1. 1. 1. 1; rest 10sec btw reps/rest 3mins x 3
2 sets 90% effort
Run 400m
21 russian kb swings 2/1.5pd
rest 2:30
3 rounds increase time per round show in splits
5 PC 225/145#
7 burpees
Row 200m

A. – full squat work on not moving feet
B. – build per set
– time each run
– unbroken on the swings
– each round should be quicker than last

For time:
Row 1k
30 pull ups (done in sets of 5)
30 push press (95#)
50 KB swing (1.5pd)
30 HR push ups
30 CTB pull ups (done in sets of 3)
Row 1k

– Consistent times on 1k row

Strength & Power Development week 10
A. Clean- 75%x2x4
B. Snatch Balance- 85%x3x4
C. Push Press- 90%x3x3


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