Tuesday 11/26/13

Five rounds for time of:
15 Back/Hip Extension
15 Sit ups
10 Pull ups
10 Dips
1 mile Bike

A. emom – 14mins
odd – RDL moderate load @20X1 x 3-4
even – DB push press x 4-5 tough
B. emom – 16mins
odd – 10 burpee box jumps overs 24/20#
even – 7-9 T2B
C. emom – 16mins
odd – Row 10-12 cals
even – PS TnG x 3 60-70% of 1rm
10mins 80% effort
3 wall walks
1 rope climb 15′
FW 50m 100/70#/hand

A. – moderate weight strong form for RDL and tough DB push press with control
B. – focus on breathing during burpee box jump overs (can jump on top and then over)
C. – pick a row cal that is tough but achievable in 30-40sec or
– 10mins start smooth and move through a grinder pace

For time:
Run 800m
100m sled drag (tough)
25 CTB pull ups
100m burpee broad jump
25 CTB pull ups
100m reverse sled drag (tough)
Row 1k

– Breathing focus on run and row
– Consistent sets on CTB, note breaks
– Heavy load on sled drag, grinder piece

A. Mid-Hang Clean- 65%x2x4
B. Clean High Pull- 78%x3x4
C. Snatch Balance- 70%x3x4
D. Push Press- 79%x3x4


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