Monday 11/18/13

A1. db bench press @3111; 8-10×4; rest 30 sec
A2. amrap strict pull-ups; 4 sets; rest 2 min
B. db OH walking lunges; 10 steps alt’ing arms per set; 4 total sets – 2/arm; rest 90 sec
C. double unders 30 sec amrap, rest 30 sec x6

– db overhead walking lunges should be tough all sets
– try for as few breaks as possible in the double unders

A. BS @30X1; 3, 2, 1, 1; rest as needed
100 DU
rest 2mins
15m HS walk
20 BB front rack walking lunges 135/75# in 2 sets
10 wall walks
20 BB front rack reverse lunges 135#/75# in 2 sets
10 burpee MU
20 thrusters 135#/75# in sets of 2
rest 2mins
100 DU

A. if feeling it go for something
– set schemes for lunging and thrusters are just goals
– grind through
– time 100DU at beginning and end
– time middle portion
– time entire thing

Strength & Power Development w8
A. Snatch off Blocks (mid thigh)- 75%x2x4
B. Jerk off blocks- 84%x2x4
C. Clean Pull off 3″ riser- 93%x4x5
D. Back Squat- 87%x4, 87%x3x2, 90%x2x2

Gymnastic skill work
Four rounds not for time:
E. 30 sec hollow rock
F. 30 sec Superman
G. 30 sec Handstand holds

H. 15 min. AMRAP
Run 200M 90% PE
15 hand release push-ups
20 pistol squats


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