Saturday 11/16/13

Crossfit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

A. FS @20X1; with variable resistance – 10 sets of 2 @ 20X1; rest 45 sec – bands or chains
5 sets – DIFFERENT order per set:
Row 500m
15 thruster 95/65#
55 DU
20 wall balls 20/14# 10′ target
20 push ups HR
rest 3:30 btw sets

A. – choose proper tension for A to work on speed
– compare to Sept 28th
– write down 5 different versions of circuits before hand in ALL different orders per set- record times/set and variances in time/set based on order

Strength & Power Development:
A. Snatch- 80%x1, 82%x1, 84%x1, 87%x1x2, 84%x1, 82%x1
B. Clean & Jerk- same as A
C. Clean Shrug- 119%x5x5
D. RDL- 74% of cleanx5x5


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