Monday 11/11/13

4 rounds:
20 walking lunges
20 db snatch moderate
20 hr pushups
20 db push press
50 double unders
rest 3 min btw rounds

– db snatch from ground, opposite forearm can rest on thigh
– stay in heels on db push press!

A1. BS @30X1; 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; rest 30sec
A2. Strict pull-up amrap in 30sec; rest 3mins
B. emom – thruster 115/75# x 5 – 6-8mins
C. emom – 8mins
odd – 2 rope climbs 15′
even – HSPU 8
10mins Z1 AD

A1/2 – switch grip per round on strict chin ups
B. focus on breathing no grunting
– hang in there on emom scale if needed
– flush out easy AD ride


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