Friday 11/7/13

A. Good morning @2022; 10-12×3; rest 2 min
8 sets:
7 db push press
7 pull-ups
14 sit-ups
rest 1 min

moderate to tough on the db push press

A. Hang power snatch build to a tough single in 10mins
B. emom – PS x 1/SnBal x 2 65% of snatch balance – 10mins
C. build to a tough 3rm TGU/arm 10mins
D. 1-10 unbroken CTB pull ups for time

A. – focus on bar path for both lifts – is there a change from the first to second record weight
B. – 65%ish on weight choose something you can do snatch balance and not ride it down
C. – record weights
D. – record time and sets that give you trouble

Olift W6D4
A. Snatch – 70%x3x2; 75%x2x3
B. Snatch Pull- 100%x3x5
C. Snatch Push Press- 83%x4x5
D. Back Squat- 85%x4x5


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