Friday 11/1/13

Fall Gym Party @ noon on Saturday 11/2/13, WOD at 11AM

A. RDL @2020; 10-15×3; rest 2 min
6 sets:
12 hr pushups
8 burpee box jump overs
15 kb swings moderate
rest 90 sec

– RDL should be fast and challenging for the grip
– burpee box jump overs 10″-24″
– kb swings unbroken is the goal

A. emom – BS @20X1 60% of 1rm x 5-6 – 8mins
B. OHS @30X1; 1 every 90sec start at 65% of 1rm add 10#/ 90sec until max
C1. wtd chin up 2-3 x 3; rest 90sec
C2. wtd dip 2-3 x 3; rest 90sec
D. SA DB bent torso row @20X1; 6-8/arm x 3; rest 45sec btw arms
E. FLR on rings accumulate 4mins

A. – speed focus
B. – OHS from rack stay organized – rack jerk or behind the neck push press to get bar up
C1/2. – build per set
D. – same side hand and knee on bench – elbow high torso twists in finish position 1 sec hold up there use tough weight – stay controlled
E. – record total time

Olift w5d4
A. 2 position Snatch- 70%x2x5
B. Snatch Pull- 86%x3x5
C. Snatch Push Press- 71%x5x5
D. Back Squat- 75%x3x3; 75%x2x2


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