Friday 9/20/13

A1. strict press @ 12X2; 4-6 x 4; rest 90 sec
A2. assisted chin ups @ 40A1; amrap negatives x 4; rest 90 sec
B. DB russian step up @ 1110; 12-15/leg x 4 sets; rest 30 sec b/t legs
C. FLR on floor – accumulate 5 min

– try to add weight per set for press
– jump up, get partner to assist, use gravitron as needed, then amrap with a 4 sec negative, set is terminated when 4 sec is not achieved
– bench just below knee cap height for DBRSU – kick opposite knee HIGH at top
– tummy tight, glutes activated, shoulders packed for FLR

A. BS – 70% of part B on Monday – 2 reps emom @ 20X1 – 8 min
B. Hang Squat Clean – 8 min build to a tough-ish single
Rope Climb 15′
16″ Bench Press BWT
BJ – 30/36″
Hang Squat Clean – 80% part B

– focus on speed out of bottom for BS and clean work
– loads do not count for part B if: steps are take on catch, jumping fwd on catch, loss of form in mid back out of bottom, riding weight down
– keep moving for circuit – get a spot for BP if needed when needed, keep breathing throughout


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