Friday 8/23/13

As many rounds and reps in 8 min:
3 strict pull-ups
10 walking lunges

rest walk 3 min

As many rounds and reps in 8 min:
2 wall walks
25 m Farmer’s Walk – heavy DB’s/hand

rest walk 3 min

As many round and reps in 8 min:
5 T2B
15 DU’s

– pace each 8 min round to ensure its sustainable!
– ensure the FW is tough but unbroken in distance/steps
– chest to deck, chest to wall on wall walks, control them, no flopping!

A. Power Snatch x 1/Snatch Grip Push Press x 2/OHS x 2/Snatch Balance x 2; rest 90 sec x 5
B. 1-10 unbroken thruster ladder for time – 60% 1RM from last week
C. 15 rope climbs for time – 20′

– work the Snatch complex to increase mobility and movement prep, not for load
– 1 rep, drop it, 2 reps unbroken, drop it, 3 reps unbroken, drop it….for thruster ladder
– record rest times b/t reps for rope climb

AD 45 min @ easy pace

A. Thruster – build to a tough 2 in 12 min from ground

rest as needed

10,8,6,4,2 for time:
Thruster – 70% 1RM
Bar Muscle Up

rest as needed

5 min AMRAP:
CTB pull ups
(when you break, perform 3 HSPU strict)

– remain on bike for entire AM session, stick it out, same pace, methodical, build rhythm, get lost in it
– try to build on your 1RM effort from last week for thruster; record what the tough 2 is in relation to 1RM %
– pace accordingly for thurster/MU


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