Monday 8/19/13

A. DB Walking Lunges @ 10X0; 20 continuous steps; rest 1 min x 4
rest 1 min
B. Tabata Push Ups – total reps as score
rest 1 min
C. AD sprints: 20 sec MAX effort; rest walk 3 min x 5

– knee kisses ground on lunges; NON STOP!, might have to lower weight per set if needed
– chest to deck, torso TIGHT, no sag on push ups
– go for it on AD sprints!
– record weights for lunges and peak watts for 20 sec AD efforts

A. Clean off blocks – build to a max in 10 min – mid thigh
B. FS @ 30X1; build to a 2RM in max 5 attempts
4 rds for time:
35 wall balls
20 pull-ups

– get the CNS primed for some explosive work
– be tight on the tempo for the FS 2RM

Airdyne 3 min @ Z1 spin
AirDyne 1 min @ 85-90% AER effort
walk rest 1 min x 12 sets
Airdyne 3 min @ Z1 cool down

A. Back Squat @ 40X1; 8,6,4,4; rest 3 min
B. AMRAP unbroken 1-4 HSC ladders – 175# in 6 min
C1. 2 Wtd pull-ups wide @ 20X1; rest 30 sec
C2. AMRAP strict chin ups unwtd @ 1010; rest 30 sec
C2. AMRAP CTB pull-ups; rest 4 min x 3

– record RPM’s for AM AD sets – same across the board is goal
– be tight on tempo for BS, drop weight after every unbroken set for HSC
– EXACT rest times for upper vertical pulling work


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