Monday 8/3/13

A. DB rear foot elevated split squat – build to an 8RM per leg
B. Strict Press – build to a 1RM
C. Wtd Pull-Up – build to a 1RM
D. Sorensen Hold – as many sec as possible – 1 attempt

– weight on front leg for RFESS
– no knee bend on press
– pronated medium grip throat to bar for pull-up
– sorensen; keep low back position same throughout, chin tucked in, hands crossed in front

A. clean – build to a tough-ish single – speed out of bottom – not a 1RM
B1. BS @ 3010; 4-5 x 5; rest 20 sec
B1. Weighted Pull-Up @ 20X0; 1-2 x 5; rest 20 sec
B2. Rope Climb leg legless 20′; rest 4 min x 5
C. AMRAP Barbell Step Ups in 5 min – 33% BS 1RM

– work technique over loads for clean
– working sets for BS – only last 2 sets somewhat tough
– medium pronated grip for pull-ups
– upper back for barbell step up, alt’ing legs per rep
– you CANNOT use opposite leg at top of step up until full hip extension is achieved

Airdyne 3 min @ Z1 warm up
AD 30 sec @ high effort AER pace
walk rest 30 sec off bike x 25 sets
Airdyne 3 min @ Z1 cool down

A. BS @ 50X1; 2-3 x 8; rest 3 min
B. Hang Squat Clean – emom x 3 TnG – 50% 1RM clean – 8 min
C1. Supinated lean away Pull Ups @ 41X1; 3-4 x 2; rest 90 sec
C2. BB Russian Step Up @ 1110; 12-15/leg x 2; rest 90 sec
2 min amrap DB lunges – 65#/h
rest 2 min
for time:
15 L Pull Ups
12 L Pull Ups
9 L Pull ups
rest 2 min
2 min armap DB lunges – 65#/h

– every 30 sec AD work piece in AM should be the same – record rpm
– control negative on BS – full depth!
– PERFECT reps on lunges, knee kisses ground
– kick knee high at top for russian step up


One thought on “Monday 8/3/13

  1. wolverine915 says:

    Jane A. 20lb B. 30kg C. negatives D 50sec
    Joy A. 12lb B. 15kg C. negatives D 40sec
    Shanna A. 20lb B. 29kg C. band D. 120sec
    JZ A. 35 B. 40kg C. 25kg D. 120sec
    Laurian A. 20lb B. 20kg C. red band D. 120sec
    Andrea A. 20lb B. 25kg C. micro band D. 120sec

    Mike P. A. 70kg B1. 70kgx5 B2. 25kgx2 B3. Rx’d C. 48 rx’d
    Delani A. 40kg B1. 40-40-40-45-45 B2. body weight B3. rope lowers C. 46 rx’d
    John B. A. 110kg DL B1. 50-55-60-60-60kg B2. pistols 5/leg B3. rx’d C. 63 rx’d

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