Monday 7/22/13

A. BS @ 3011; 4-6 x 4; rest 2 min
5 sets:
Row 400 m
10 push press TnG
20 sit ups
rest 2 min

full depth on BS – add weight when you hit 6 reps NEXT SET
try to record same time for all 5 sets in circuit
add weight per set for PP TnG as you choose, remain in heels throughout
sit up rules – when lying back, reach max overhead and back to touch something each time, when you sit up, reach as far forward b/t legs to touch something – this controls full up and down heights

A. Approach and Still Box Jump and Vertical Jump Practice – 10 min
B. PS TnG practice – few min
C. DL TnG practice – few min
4 sets:
5 TnG PS
5 burpees AFAP
Run 150 m @ 95%
rest walk 4 min
4 sets:
5 TnG DL
5 burpees AFAP
Row 200 m @ 95%
rest walk 4 min

PLEASE USE safe places to jump and land; jumps are for CNS wake up
try to add weight per set to the TnG – make ’em tough but unbroken and high in power – find that middle ground
record times/set

A. Snatch; build to a tough single
B. Clean; 2, 2, 2; rest 3 min
C. Front squat 6-8×5; rest 3 min

30 Clean for time 225#/102kg


One thought on “Monday 7/22/13

  1. wolverine915 says:

    FITNESS 1:
    Bill 40-45-50-55kgx6, 3:38-3:11-3:16-3:18-3:02@30kg
    John P. 40-45-50kgx6-55kgx4, 3:35-3:21-3:17-3:22-3:20@20kg
    Martha 15-20-22kgx6-25kgx5 4:33-4:20-4:23-4:24-4:26@10kg
    Marcia 15-20-22-25kgx6 4:00-3:44-4:00-4:00-3:50@10kg
    Jane 4:03-3:52-3:53-3:53-3:44@16kg
    Joy 4:52-4:22-4:23-4:20-4:27@7kg
    JZ 40-60-70-80kgx6 3:12-3:11-3:27-3:25-3:20@30kg
    Randy 90-100-110kgx6-115kgx4 2:45-2:44-3:04-3:00-3:10@40kg
    TJ 50-60-70-kgx6-80kgx4 3:17-3:38-3:57-4:10-3:48@20kg

    Delani 1:36-1:29-1:27-1:23@25kg/ 1:48-1:52-1:50-1:47@50kg
    John B. 1:32@45kg-1:12@55kg-1:16@60kg-1:14@65kg/ 1:36@65kg-1:49@65kg-1:38@70kg-1:34@70kg
    MIKE P. 1:25-1:20-1:15-1:18@50kg/ 1:48-1:30-1:25-1:25@70kg
    Andrea 2:11-2:20-1:51-2:08@15kg/ 2:17-2:11-2:39-2:20@30kg

    Rachel A. 35kgx3-40kgx3-42kgx3-45kgx2-47kgx2-49kgx1 B. 65-66-67kg C. 65kgx6-65kgx7-65kgx8-67kgx6-69kgx6

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