Monday 7/8/13

A. Hang Power snatch clusters×3; rest 15 seconds/rest 2 min
B. Back squat; build to a 10rm
C. Glute Ham Raises; 10-12×3; rest 2 min

A. Power snatch; 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2; rest 3 min (TnG)
For time:
Row 2k
50 pistols
30 hpc 225/135
(20 min cap)

A. Snatch; build to a tough single
B. Clean; build to a max
C. 30 cleans for time @66% of B
D. Weighted back extensions @22×2, 10-12×4; rest 2 min

A. Back squat; build to a max
B1. strict press; build to a max
B2. Weighted pull-up; build to a max
C. Split jerk; build to a max


One thought on “Monday 7/8/13

  1. wolverine915 says:

    Marcia- A. 15kg, B. 25kg
    John P.- A. 25kg, B. 45kg
    Karol- A. 20kg B. 35kg
    Jane- A. 20kg, B. 35kg
    Joy- A. 12kg, B. 10kg
    John B.- A. 15kg, B. 65kg
    Laurian- A. 10kg, B. 30kg

    On Ramp
    John 13:03 400m 21-15-9

    Stephen- A. 155lbx3, 165lbx3, 176lbx3, 187×2, 198lbx2, 202lbsx1 + 18:00 rx’d
    Delani- A. 20-25-25-27-27-27kg + 14HPC @ 25kg
    Andrea- A. 15kg + 20min scaled to 20kg HPC, reverse lunges sub pistols

    Rachel- A. 49kg, B. 70kg, C. 4:19 @ 47kg, D. 10kg

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