Saturday 7/6/13

Run 10 min z1
Run 1 mile @5k pace
rest 3 min
run 10 min z1

A. Hang clean; build to a 3rm
B. Front squat; 4-6×5; rest 2 min
10 TnG power snatch 105#/75#
Airdyne 20 seconds @100%
rest 3 min

A. Muscle up tech work 10 min
B. Kipping hspu tech work 10 min
20 min amrap:
5 CTB pull-ups
5 hand release push ups
5 toes to bar
5 push press 53@

A. 100 hspu for time (first 50 strict, second 50 kipping)
B. 20 sets of 5 unbroken CTB pull-ups for time


One thought on “Saturday 7/6/13

  1. wolverine915 says:

    Mike A. 65kg B. 60kgx6, 60kgx6, 65kgx6, 70kgx6, 80kgx6 C. 40kg HPS 1:54-14cal, 1:25-14cal, 1:10-9cal, 1:00-11cal, :55-9cal, :58-11cal
    Andrea A. 30kg, B. 1RM 42kg, C. 1:49-5cal, 1:25-6cal, 1:25-2cal, 1:00-4cal, :55-3cal, :50-4cal

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