Wednesday 5/22/13

Our class names are changing. Our new class “Health” will be renamed “fitness”. Our “fitness” class will become the “sport” class. Here are the class descriptions in case you are unsure which one you should be following:

Fitness– for the individual looking to improve overall health. You should be completing these workouts 3-5 days per week. Learn about training strength, energy systems; balance your fitness, understand and create an awareness as to what works best for you, how to do the program, teach others starting out, create a balance between living and training. Some things you should be comfortable with: slow lifts, working hard, consistent schedule; at this level, strength as a base and sound conditioning principles is key with variation and fun!

Sport– For the local level or multi-sport athlete. You should be completing these workouts 3-6 days per week.
Upgrade your fitness; spend time on the areas in which you need more work; figure out when to “smash it” or “tap out”…learn the gears and balance it for an fitness athlete development base – a sound one!
Things you should be comfortable with: variation, gymnastics, variation in loads and speeds for all lifts, energy system base of knowledge; at this level, strength base is built; tweaking is needed and sound principles are in place to “fine tune” these towards events/phases, etc. This is a stable place to train and live and take your fitness to new levels.
May –> September will be strength biased and MAP biased

W Performance– For the female functional fitness/crossfit athlete. You should be performing these workouts 6 days per week. Designed for the female fitness athlete. Based on testing and research, we believe that the demands for males and females in fitness are different, not to mention that male and female physiology differs. During the course of training, there will be heavier emphasis on upper body relative strength work and power due to those being the most common deficiencies we see in competitive female fitness athletes as a performance separator. This group will be heavily strength, power, upper body gymnastics dominant for a majority of the year leading into January/February of 2014 where we will switch to Crossfit Open preparation.

Performance– For the functional fitness/Crossfit athlete. You should be performing these workouts 6 days per week.
Full time fitness athlete; priority is competing, then improving on that, then competing again. You have a large base of training which allows a life that leads into making fitness a full time gig for you, as a sport and more than a hobby. It’s for the fitness athlete; detailed phases of training; volume generally higher; skill work is base at higher loads, intensities; sound knowledge of your own engine is key; recovery is your 2nd full time job; your food is 100% always at this level. You should have advanced gymnastics skills; have participated in high level events in fitness/sport; have one event per year that is the big one for you, and smaller preparatory events throughout.

FITNESS (was “health”)
20min AMRAP
jump squats
mountain climbers
wall sticks

SPORT (was “fitness”)
Row 30 seconds @85%
row 30 seconds @50%
Airdyne 30 seconsd @85%
airydne 30 seconds @50%
Run 30 seconds @85%
Run 30 seconds @50%

A. HSPU eccentrics; accumulate 40 perfect reps with as slow of a tempo as possible (full range of motion)
7 burpees AFAP
Prowler push 20 seconds @100%
rest 3 min
7 unbroken CTB pull ups
Airdyne sprint 20 seconds @100%
rest 3 min
Row sprint 30 seconds @100%
rest 3 min

A. Two sets, not for time, of:
Run 400 Meters @ 70-80%
Pull-Ups x 7-10 reps
B. For time:
Run 1 Mile
60 Pull-Ups
Run 1 Mile


One thought on “Wednesday 5/22/13

  1. Marcia Sinnott says:

    I feel so much better now. thanks for relenting.

    Sent from my iPad Marcia B. Sinnott Five Star Realty, LLC Carbondale, Il 62901 618-534-0400

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