Tuesday 7/31/12

A. 4 sets
Bench Press x 6-8 @ 30X1
rest 60 sec
Single-Arm DB Row x 8-10/arm
rest 60 sec
Hollow Hold x 30-45 sec
rest 60 sec
B. For Time
50 Burpees

A. Running Program
B. 10min AMRAP
100m Sprint
10 Burpees

A. 3 sets not for time
TTB x 10-15 reps
OH Weighted Pistols x 3-4/leg
Roll to Candlestick x 10 reps
B. Strength Program
C. 3 sets not for time:
Glute Ham Raise x 6-8 @ 20X1
GHD Sit-Ups x 15-20


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