Tuesday 7/10/12

A. 3 sets of
Deadlift x 6-8 @ 20X1
rest 60 sec
Turkish Get-Ups x 2/arm
rest 60 sec
Push-Ups x max reps
rest 60 sec
B. 3 Rounds for time
10 Push Press
10 Burpees
300m Run

A. Clean & Jerk
Sets 1, 4, 7- x3 reps
Sets 2, 5, 8- x2 reps
Sets 3, 6, 9- x1 reps
B. 3 sets for max reps
60 sec Push Press 95/65lbs
60 sec rest
60 sec Pull-Ups
60 sec rest

A. Power Clean + 2 Clean– 65%x3x2, 70%x3x3
B. Clean High Pull– 70%x5x3, 75%x5x3
C. Snatch Balance– 60%x3x2, 65%x3x2, 70%x3x2
D. Shoulder Press– 75%x5x5
E. Athlete Part B


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